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SuZhou Optimal Machinery Co., Ltd. Was established in 2007, is the China first HVLS FAN manufacturer ans standards pioneer. Under the global trend to advocate energy conversation & environmental protection, OPT FAN by its fans excellent performance and high quality, all the way triumph, growing and developing.


At present, OPT FAN is one of few professional manufacturers in the HVLS FANS field with R&D, Production, engineering, program consultation, installation, sales and after sale service and so on. OPT FAN has served more than 5000 customers in domestic market, more than 300 of them are the world top 500 enterprises.


In overseas market, OPT FAN exports to Canada, United States, Mexico, Japan, Australia and other 30 countries. We are welcome to set up partnership to distribute fans to all of the world.

The company was founded in 2007
More than 100 employees
Production line
Annual production capacity of 400,000 square meters




OPTFAN independent R&D PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor )series HVLS fans launched on the market. As the international market share continues to expand,to meet market needs, OPTFAN has further expanded production base and increased R & D investment.



The 10th anniversary of the establishment of OPT also marks the tenth year of the industry's development. Looking back on the industry and looking forward to the future, OPT will stand bravely and forge ahead, and will create the spirit of "opening positions and creating the future". A miracle. I have "opened and pioneered" the fourth-generation product and shared it with our customers and partners



In May 2016, OPT's cumulative sales exceeded 10,000 units, during which the third generation of "large-scale industrial fans" and cart-type fans were launched. The technology was continuously updated, the technology accumulation and precipitation were gradually improved, and the disease also obtained multi-line patents The product has won wide recognition from customers in the market, and its sales volume and market share are far ahead. Products are exported to Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Middle East and other countries. 10th year "Ten years to sharpen a sword, Frost Blade has not tried"



In 2011, the total sales of OPT exceeded 1,000 units, and the second-generation "large industrial fan" was launched. Large-scale installations in the e-commerce industry; large e-commerce customers such as JD.com, Amazon, Fanke Eslite, and Dreambazaa followed; orders from customers such as Caterpillar, Liugong, and Foton in the heavy industry came one after the other; in the same period, the white goods giant Gree began cooperation; Began to enter the motorcycle, locomotive, elevator and other industries ... OPT pioneered the application of "large industrial fans" in all walks of life, summarized the characteristics of industry applications, and laid down industry standards and foundations. 10,000th



In 2009, OPT installed the first-generation "large-scale industrial fan" for the Japanese-owned enterprise Asahi Glass (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. This batch of products has been running continuously for ten years and has been running well so far. Obbit's products have withstood the test of history under harsh working conditions, and have been well received and recognized by customers. Thousandth



In 2008, after more than a year of intensive research, the first "large industrial fan" developed and produced by the Chinese completely independently was born in OPT. After testing, the performance of the product surpassed that of foreign counterparts. In the same year, the trademark "Teyoufeng" was registered and obtained relevant patents. The landmark event of the city's "large industrial fan" opened a new industry.


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