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Customer is King,So keep him or her always cool & fresh by OPT HVLS FANS.


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Diameter(M) 7.3 6.1 5.5 4.9
Model  OM-PMSM-24 OM-PMSM-20 OM-PMSM-18 OM-PMSM-16
Voltage(V) 220V 1P 220V 1P 220V 1P 220V 1P
Current(A) 4.69 3.27 4.1 3.6
SpeedRange(RPM) 10-55 10-60 10-65 10-75
Power(KW) 1.5 1.1 0.9 0.8
Air Volume(CMM) 15,000 13,200 12,500 11,800 
Weight(KG) 121 115 112 109




Maintenance free

The super-wing series PMSM motor adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction, double-bearing transmission, completely sealed and truly maintenance-free.                                                                                                                

The motor is small and exquisite                                    

The motor efficiency of common asynchronous motors is 78%, the motor efficiency of the super-wing series PMSM motors is 86%, and the transmission efficiency of the entire motor is increased by 13.6%.

Low noise and ultra quiet

The noise of the asynchronous motor deceleration machine mainly comes from the excitation noise of the motor casing and the friction of the gear of the reducer. The noise standard is usually about 45-50dBA.

Powerful wind ,big air volume

The super-wing series adopts the latest PMSM technology, low-speed high-torque drive motor, which can meet any torque recovery or auxiliary braking within the peak torque, eliminating the friction energy consumption of the gear reducer, and the maximum torque reaches 300N.m.

Thermal design

In the heat dissipation system, through the two methods of contact heat dissipation and radiation heat dissipation, the ingenious structural design selects the high-density alloy aluminum material of the high heat conduction system to achieve the perfect heat dissipation effect and ensure the longer life characteristics of the motor.

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