Large Industrial Exhaust Fans

  • OPTFANS Hammer Exhaust Fan

    OPTFANS Hammer Exhaust Fan

    A hammer exhaust fan is a highly efficient ventilation system, designed to effectively regulate temperature and improve air quality. Fitted with a unique hammer-type mechanism, it ensures smooth operation while minimizing noise production. This fan draws out stale or hot air from the environment and replaces it with fresh outdoor air, creating a comfortable and healthier space.

  • OPTFANS Evaporative Cooling Unit

    OPTFANS Evaporative Cooling Unit

    An evaporative air cooler is an efficient and environmentally-friendly cooling device that operates based on the principle of evaporation. It works by drawing hot, dry air into the unit and passing it over water-saturated pads, which leads to a reduction in air temperature as the water evaporates. The result is a continuous stream of naturally cool and humidified air. This cooling method is particularly effective in dry climates where the added moisture can make the environment feel even more comfortable.