4 Main Functions of OPT HVLS fans


Personnel Cooling


The natural breeze generated by the large-scale energy-saving fan blows on the human body, promotes the evaporation of sweat to remove heat, and cools  human body, bringing a feeling of cooling. Usually, this cooling experience can reach 5-8 °C. The three-dimensional natural wind that the ultra-large energy-saving fan boasts is more comfortable because: on the one hand, the three-dimensional boasting of the human body, the evaporation area of the body is maximized, and on the other hand, human beings accumulate natural wind in the natural world. Intimate experience, once the natural breeze of wind speed changes, the human body naturally feels comfortable and cool.


Natural Ventilation


In the previous ventilation scheme, people often decide which product and quantity to use based on the number of air changes in the space. In a small space, this effect is obvious, you can even see the steam in the bathroom quickly and out of the house with the operation of the negative pressure fan. However, in a large and spacious enclosed space, the effect of such ventilation is not obvious: the relatively large proportion of smoke, moisture, carbon dioxide, and poor quality air are concentrated in the bottom of the building, and the roof negative pressure fan is The air in every corner doesn’t work at all, just the people and equipment are there. The ultra-large energy-saving fan will promote air mixing throughout the space, allowing smoke with an unpleasant smell. Moisture and the like are well dispersed and absorbed to improve indoor air quality and achieve a healthy, dry and safe working environment.




OPT  Super large HVLS energy-saving fans can solve this problem: the advantage is that It promotes air mixing throughout the space and can make smoke with an unpleasant smell. Moisture are well dispersed and absorbed to improve indoor air quality and achieve a healthy, dry and safe working environment. Other benefits are the elimination of birds and bed bugs, as well as the noise that is easily generated by other ventilation schemes, the decay caused by moisture.


Saving energy  

Applied in spring and autumn, when the temperature is 20-34 °C, for the supermarket, open and not open air conditioning, in such weather will be very embarrassing, after using energy-saving fans, no need to turn on the air conditioner, immediately bring you comfort.The natural ventilation and cooling experience, the energy saving effect is very significant.

When the air conditioning is turned on or cooled, the energy consumption of the air conditioning unit is very large. If an energy-saving fan is used, the result is completely different.  HVLS energy-saving fan and the air conditioner can mix the indoor air evenly. Reducing the start-up time of the air conditioning unit or turning off some of the air conditioning units will greatly save power.

Post time: Oct-27-2021