What HVLS fans can do?

Improve Staff Productivity
It seems like HVLS fans have nothing to do with productivity.Just how can a fan improve productivity? The truth is, uncomfortable workers are unfocused workers.Harsh environment must influence the productivity of staff.

Balance Temperatures
Air has a tendency to stratify. In other words, it separates into different heat layers, with the hottest air up above and the coolest air down below.

Boost Safety
You can find many factories installed big size high speed ceiling fans to keep cool and ventilated.However if the speed arrived higher,the shaking more severely.We saw many this kind of cases,the reason maybe the high speed fans moving so quickly and safety wire are stressful to suffer the moving power.Unlike of high speed fans.

Install Easily
You’ll be happy to know that OPT HVLS fans require no duct work.or work in conjunction with your existing HVAC system.

Save On Maintenance
Not only can one OPT 24-foot HVLS fan replace upwards of two dozen 36-inch fans, HVLS fans require far less maintenance than their smaller counterparts. Pair that with an impressively long lifespan, and HVLS fans are the definition of a good investment.

Energy Savings
More productive workers, more reliable inventory quality, less maintenance, and significantly lower heating and cooling costs.

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Post time: Mar-29-2021