2M PMSM Wall Cooling Fans

Short Description:

 KG series is a 2M wall HVLS fan with permanent magnet synchronous motor,which is able to produce huge air volume with silence,also it can be installed on the beam

  • Motor: PMSM Fans
  • Size: 2M
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    • Super air volume
    The effective distance of air blowing is more than 24m;
    • Directional air supply
    There are two instaIlation methods -ceiling and wall hanging, which can provide directional air supply according to the site environment demand;
    • Energy saving
    The energy consumption is very low wth only 0.55KW,and the energy consumption cost is only a few cost for a whole day;
    • Quiet Iow noise
    The noise level is 43dba. When the fan is running at the highest Speed;
    • Stepless speed regulation
    PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motor drives the fan blade, VFD stepless speed regulation,the operation is simple and convenient;
    • Waterproof and dustproof
    Protection level IP55, overall waterproof, can run normally in rainy and humid environment; easy to clean;

    New airfree.1393

    “Airwalker II” series fans can be used on all occasions where the hanging fan can not be installed

    Industrial sites: production workshop, logistics,warehouse, large factories, etc.

    Sports center: gym, indoor stadium,outdoor playground etc

    Commercial areas: exhibition center, 4S shop, amusement park, large supermarket, etc.

    Transportation hub: railway station, high-speed rail station, airport, bus station, etc.

    Other places: canteen, museum, office building, etc.


    Model  KG Series 
    Size   1980*1881*374(MM)
    Air Volume  1208CMM
    Motor Power 0.55KW
    Max Speed  320RPM
    Voltage 220V1P
    Current 1.7A
    Noise 43dBA
    Weight 136KG
    New airfree.1384


    Product warranty period: 24 months for complete machine after delivery

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